Dear Chamber Music Friends,

Hitzacker is a very special place. Not only because chamber music pilgrims from far and near, from this side of the Elbe and the other, flock here every year to submerge themselves in the miracle of a genuine musical community. It is also a place which for years was the boundary of the Iron Curtain, located directly at what seemed to be an impermeable wall, and at the same time an “Arcadia” of special, intense musical experiences. Indeed, music knows no political borders, or at least it doesn’t aim to create any. That seems more important today than ever.

This year’s festival focuses, as always, on artists, especially those who know no boundaries, who bring people together and create space for our emotions and thoughts to soar to new heights. We reflect on the past, join tradition and innovation, enjoy premieres and encounter the unknown.

Gidon Kremer, Fazil Say, Steven Isserlis, Sarah Maria Sun, Annette Dasch, Roman Trekel, Steffen Schleiermacher, Enno Poppe, Anna-Lena Schnabel, Jan Philip Schulze, Niklas Liepe, the ensemble reflektor and many more are joining the Hitzacker adventure. They’ll be abducting us to other worlds, to their worlds, and will surely confirm the fact that music never lets us down.

The Berlin Wall came down when I was 14 years old. An amazing world burst open – and we were right in the middle of it all! One thing stayed the same, kept us grounded, showed us a clear and exciting path: it was music. We had just formed the Kuss Quartet and suddenly we were able to discover Europe thanks to invitations to master classes and concerts. I can’t imagine how one could experience boundlessness or the air of other planets any better.

So …boundless… – that’s the joy with which I anticipate this year in Hitzacker!

Yours, Oliver Wille, Artistic Director