Akkad Izre'el (Komposition)

© ohne Angabe

Akkad began his musical education as an oboe player. His higher musical education at the “Ono Academic College School of Music” and later he finished his B.A in composition at the “Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel-Aviv University”. Currently he is continuing his studies in composition and musicology. His composition teacher is Mr. Ruben Seroussi and his thesis instructor is Dr. Uri Rom.

In the last years he won several competitions and scholarships: gold medal in the Israeli NK Orchestra competition, 2nd place in the Avraham Klon competition, Colton Scholarship, ISF grant for musicology research, Siday Fellowship for Musical Creativity, Aviva Orshalom prize for musical composition and more. He is taking part in the “Labor Beethoven 2020” at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

He is taking part in a research group which engages in corpus studies instructed by Dr. Uri Rom. His research field is the emergence of key-relatedness in early tonal repertoires and its possible roots in the modal system.

Akkad’s compositions are influenced by many outside musical ideas such as philosophy, theology, politics, buddhism, different arts and other humanities.