Dear Chamber Music Friends,

© Giorgia Bertazzi

Anniversaries are always a challenge: reflect on the past, take stock of the present and look ahead to future adventures. How do you do justice to the oldest and most innovative – and, as I see it, the very best – chamber music festival on its 75th anniversary?

We dipped into the treasure chest of past highlights, pulled some out and reinvented them. We’ll be presenting a colorful festival where reminiscence and the as-yet-unheard-of go hand in hand. Orpheus, the Kafka Fragments, the Quartet Cosmos and Beethoven; Helmut Lachenmann, Patricia Kopatchinskaya and Eberhard Feltz – they will all be part of an open and creative celebration.

We look forward to my predecessor as Artistic Director, Carolin Widmann, and to her predecessors Markus Fein, Claus Kanngiesser and Wolfgang Boettcher, each of whom accepted my invitation in their own individual way.

Of course, without new formats and discoveries the Summer Music Festival in Hitzacker would be ignoring its devotion to both tradition and innovation. I look forward to Kim Kashkashian, Bomsori Kim, Anu Komsi, Sabine Meyer, Nils Mönkemeyer, William Youn, Johannes Fischer, András Keller, Udo Samel, Markus Becker, my Kuss Quartet colleagues, a world premiere on the theme of „Orpheus“ by Hitzacker’s 1976 composition prize-winner Manfred Trojahn, our guest appearance at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and much and many more – especially the tireless and adventurous audiences at the Hitzacker Summer Music Festival.

Yours, Oliver Wille, Artistic Director