Last year, the first Laureates‘ Academy inspired us with their ideas, their commitment and their virtuosity. This year’s new laureates and scholarship holders from the German Music Competition have been invited to the Festival to perform and expand their horizons, boundlessly. As artistic director and as a professor, Oliver Wille is a great advocate of this kind of sustainable support for young musicians.

The concerts and the contact to the artists in the main program get the laureates directly involved with the festival and help them gain new experiences from the audience standpoint as well as on stage and backstage. On the first Sunday, on Monday and Wednesday they will present their own pre-concerts to Hitzacker’s discerning audiences.

A new feature this year is last year’s big discovery: the Michaelshof in Sammatz. This magic place will be rehearsal site and experimental residence of the Laureates’ Academy. In the course of the week, together with drama students from the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hannover, they will develop the program “Just Wait … Deutschland”. On August 1st, afternoon, the audience is invited to join them for music in the park at Michaelshof. In the evening, the main program will be presented in VERDO concert hall in Hitzacker. – The Laureates’ Academy is supported by the German Music Competition.