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Service: Monday to Thursday 8.30 - 12.30

Information about reductions and no admission you will find here.

All prices are in Euros, including fees, excluding 4 Euros postal fees per order. Tickets are not refundable (this applies to changes in program or artists as well).

Our events are regularly accompanied by press photographers, media coverage and video recordings.The pictures can also show the audience.

Concerts in the VERDO Concert Hall

(except Laureates' Academy; with seat assignment)

Normal ticket price

Cat I


Cat II 36,–
Cat III 27,–
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Gidon Kremer 28.7

Fazil Say 3.8 

Cat I


Cat II 43,–
Cat III 32,–
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Combi-Ticket on
Opening Day, Vocal
Day, Quartett Day

Cat I


Cat II 58,–
Cat III 46,–
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Special programs

Sun. 28.7

Chamber Music on Tour
4 locations in Dannenberg, Gartow, Dömitz, incl. bus transfer

50,– (free choice of seating)

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Wed. 31.7

Ten Past Ten: Jazz
Anna-Lena Schnabel Quartett,
Michel Godard

20,– (free choice of seating)

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Thu. 1.8

Laureate's Academy in VERDO Concert Hall

25,– (free choice of seating)

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Sat 27.7

Ten Past Ten: Caucasian Miniatures,
Audience Academy I-IV

One price 11,– (free choice of seating)

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for 12 concerts in the VERDO Concert Hall (with seat assignement), Laureates' Academy not included

12 Single/Combi-Tickets

Cat I


Cat II 323,–
Cat III 248,–




Cat I


Cat II 220,–
Cat III 168,–



12 Single/Combi-Tickets

Cat I


Cat II 404,–
Cat III 310,–




Cat I


Cat II 275,–
Cat III 210,–


Festival Card for all events during the festival

The Festival Card covers the subscription for the 12 main concerts in the VERDO Concert Hall as well as free admission to all further events during the festival (for these, no seat assignments).


20 Single/Combi-Tickets

Cat I


Cat II 444,–
Cat III 369,–




Cat I


Cat II 315,–
Cat III 263,–



20 Single/Combi-Tickets

Cat I


Cat II 554,–
Cat III 460,–




Cat I


Cat II 406,–
Cat III 340,–


* Festival Friends Members: Annual membership fee is 50 Euro per Person/75 Euros for Couples/12 Euros for Students
** Non-members: A 15 Euro fee will be added to the Subscription and Festival Card price.

Subscriptions and Festival Cards are only available through the Festival office in Hitzacker. All prices are in Euros. A 4 Euro postal fee will be added per order.

VERDO Concert Hall

The seats are numbered beginning at the center aisle. Wheelchair spaces available. Please contact us at T +49 5862 941 430.