Dear Friends of the Hitzacker Summer Music Festival,

© Giorgia Bertazzi

Alone together – that could be the slogan that string quartets live by. Alone responsible for all their decisions, they are not lonely, but in constant communication with their musical partners. It can be exhausting, but surprisingly inventive as well. Ideas are born, unheard-of programs, new formats, visions: Ready.Set.Go!… is our motto for 2024 and we’re giving the ensembles a free hand with their individual programs. Sometimes the formations expand to more than four members, sometimes it's four hands that create a concert. String quartets are the focus, and we’re giving the stage to seven internationally successful young quartets in a new debut format, each with programs that they’ll be playing exclusively for us. So off we go - and this is a tradition that’s alive and well in Hitzacker - on a journey of discovery with artists who scrutinize their work and dare to experiment. Great chamber music works as well as new accents are crafted into unique musical journeys. In addition, there is a special sustainability project "Imagined Garden" in cooperation with the Schwetzingen Festival, an idea by Sarah Maria Sun, which we will implement in the Oktagon Gallery and which will also be performed every day with live acts. I am looking forward to Veronika Eberle, Danae and Kiveli Dörken, the Sitkovetsky Trio, the Jerusalem Quartet und Anna Thalbach, all appearing for the first time at the Festival, and to Sharon Kam, Markus Becker, Alexander Lonquich, the Faure Quartet and many other old friends. I’m eagerly looking forward to nine exciting days in Hitzacker and wish us all adventurous, exquisite, unique musical events.

Yours, Oliver Wille

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